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1. What is Hyvä Themes?

Hyvä Themes represents an innovative approach to constructing Magento 2 storefronts, prioritising speed and performance to enhance the user experience. It introduces a new paradigm and offers additional benefits.

2. What are the issues with the default Magento Luma theme?

Magento’s default frontend, known as ‘Luma,’ has faced criticism for suboptimal speed and performance since the launch of Magento 2. Criticism stems from user experience and conversion rates, particularly on mobile devices. The Luma theme is criticised for being bloated with both CSS and, more significantly, JavaScript. The excessive size and number of JavaScript and CSS files contribute to delayed page visibility and interactivity.

3. How is Hyvä Themes different from the Luma theme?

The adoption of the Alpine.js JavaScript framework consolidates multiple JavaScript files into a single framework, facilitating dynamic interactions with minimal code. Hyvä Themes use Tailwind CSS, reducing CSS output by over 90%, resulting in a leaner and more efficient codebase. This optimisation ensures a streamlined storefront experience, promoting swift performance even on underpowered mobile devices.

4. What is Hyvä Checkout?

Due to the complex nature of Magento’s checkout, a separate module has been developed for its checkout ‘Hyvä Checkout’. It’s not compulsory to use Hyvä Checkout as you can use Magento’s Luma Checkout instead, however, ofcourse, you will experience superior checkout performance on Hyvä compared to Luma which will make a difference to your user’s experience and overall conversion.

5. Do Hyvä Themes suit specific businesses?

No, Hyvä Themes are versatile and adaptable, suitable for various businesses across different industries. Whether selling clothing, gadgets, or collectibles, Hyvä Themes offer a customisable canvas, allowing businesses to tailor their online storefront to their brand identity and requirements.

6. What are the costs involved in using Hyvä?

There is a one-time license cost of €1000 for one Magento 2 installation with unlimited domains and store views. This includes lifetime theme updates, support, Hyvä community access, and Hyvä UI. Hyvä Checkout can be purchased additionally for €1000 with a yearly fee of €250 for support and updates. Users can opt to use the Luma Checkout if they choose not to purchase Hyvä Checkout.

7. Will my extensions work with Hyvä?

Extensions need to be compatible with Hyvä due to its different framework. Many popular extension providers have partnered with Hyvä and released compatibility modules. Check with the extension provider or explore alternatives if your extensions are not compatible.

8. Can I try Hyvä Themes before committing?

Unfortunately, there is no trial option. However, you can view demos of the Frontend here and the Checkout here, along with references to other websites.

9. Is Hyvä Themes compatible with Adobe Commerce?

Absolutely it is!

10. How does Hyvä Themes perform with Google Core Web Vitals?

Google Core Web Vitals is Google’s way of rating your website’s performance, focusing on loading speed, user interaction, and stability. Passing these tests increases your site’s visibility and rankings, leading to more visitors. Learn more about Core Web Vitals in our detailed blog.

Hyvä Themes ships with pretty much perfect scores so you’re off to the best possible start.

Read more about Core Web Vitals in our detailed blog post here.

11. And finally, who can I discuss implementing Hyvä Themes on my website?

Ermmmm, us!

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