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In Summary

Here are my takeaways from this year’s Meet Magento UK.

The Content

I need to start with the content. There was so much useful content that was shared throughout the day. Here are some takeaways from my top 5 talks I attended…

1. Adobe Magento Road Map

Magento is working to improve the experience for both merchants and developers including a more modular approach that will reduce the cost of development and improve the speed of testing ~ Ramadass Prabhakar

This is great to hear as not only will it drive down cost for merchants, but also make it easier for developers to test just the specific module they have customised instead of testing the entire flow which can be time-consuming.

2. Website Performance

Customers are demanding and every second counts. The concept of setting a performance budget is, therefore, something that needs to be considered ~ Katie Hempenius

I found this interesting as I never considered this before. Performance is extremely important, with merchants wanting their website to be as quick and responsive as possible. Merchants should consider setting aside a performance budget to constantly improve their website.

3. Website Security
Most security issues are caused by bad management decisions, not technical gaps. Relatively basic measures but often neglected ~ David Deppner

David went through a list of ten measures that can be taken to keep your website safe. Some of these are down to management decisions such as giving access to vendors who no longer need access, giving access to only those who need it and minimising the amount of Magento extensions used.

4. Indexing
Not to default to ‘update on save’, but to ‘update on schedule’. Need to consider performance effects ~ John Hughes

This often comes down to educating the client. There are temptations to ‘update on save’ to see changes instantly however this can also have serious implications on the performance of the website. It’s better to update on schedule as a general practice with using ‘update on save’ only when truly needed.

5. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Need to assess which clients are suited to PWA as not all are ~ Shane Osbourne

At one point in the future, everyone should have a PWA, however, at this stage, it’s not suited for everyone. If you have a large catalogue, a content-heavy site and use 3rd party modules with API access – then you are suited to PWA. Something to consider for merchants especially if they’re already looking to re-platform.



We caught up with our existing partners and also discussed some new strategic partnerships. These included:

Hosting Partners – Sonassi and UK Fast
Without wanting to sound like a broken record, hosting is key for a website, especially if it’s a Magento 2 website which is resource-intensive. Both Sonassi and UK Fast specialise in Magento 2, having specific hosting stacks, so are a great option.

Review Partner – Trustpilot and Feefo
Trust Pilot and Feefo are both great review providers however which one to choose depends on your business model. One of the major differences between these two is that Trust Pilot can accept reviews from non-verified customers. This can open up the gates for ‘illegitimate’ reviews however also have ‘service’ based reviews for customers that don’t necessarily purchase.

Feefo will only have reviews from actual paying customers so will all be legitimate however it won’t have reviews from customers who haven’t purchased but have used the service.

Payment Partners – PayPal, Adyen and Klarna
How customers pay is an important part of the sales funnel therefore the payment provider you use is important. It’s therefore important to explore different payment providers and consider factors such as fees, fraud protection, internalisation, virtual terminals and ease of checkout.

Search Partners – Klevu
If you want a search tool that offers much more than the default Magento search function, then Klevu is a very good choice. Klevu uses natural language processing and self-learning search to provide much improved and relevant results for customers. Merchants also have greater control of search results with the ability to prioritise products that need promoting along with extremely useful search insights.

Omnichannel Marketing Partner – dotdigital
Dotdigital is such an incredibly powerful marketing platform. Not only does it offer advanced email marketing, but also SMS marketing, Facebook Messenger marketing and a lot more for a true omnichannel marketing experience.

With establishing partnerships like the above, it allows me to expand my knowledge base on these products which I can then pass onto clients as well as get dedicated support to implement these solutions onto merchant’s websites.



It was a very well thought out event that catered for both agencies and merchants. A lot of useful information, great for networking, nice community feel and a great experience all around from start to finish.

A job well done by the team at JH.

Looking forward to Meet Magento UK 2020!

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