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About Sticker It

With years of experience and expertise in the custom sticker industry, Michael Rubie-Todd, David Rubie-Todd and James McCabe launched Sticker It. With state-of-the-art machinery and IT systems coupled with their outstanding customer service, it has enabled them to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Their customers include Nike, Google, YouTube, Adidas and Dulux.

Project background

Having used a number of freelancers to develop various parts of their website, Sticker It was looking for a long-term partner that had an experienced Magento team to help them greatly improve the buying experience throughout the website.


Making it easier to select product options

Selecting the size and quantity is a key part of buying stickers. The initial design was too busy and presented more options than that were needed.

We simplified the design and removed options that were not needed, placing the product selection on top of the hero image. This gave much more focus to the product selection and complimented the hero image nicely.

We also added the option to either upload the artwork or email the artwork after purchasing to allow greater flexibility to the customers.


Basket & one-page checkout

Both the basket page and the checkout pages didn’t have a clean feel to them nor the functionality that would make it a seamless checkout.

We gave a new look to both pages and made the checkout a one-page process. We also integrated and configured Stripe Payment and Loqate Address Lookup, minimising the effort needed by the customer.


Mobile-focused experience

With a large proportion of Sticker It’s customers accessing the website from a mobile device, we had to ensure the buying experience on a smaller handset was as good as the desktop.

We used tools such as Hotjar to assess what was important for mobile users based on their interaction and made adjustments to mobile and tablets screens accordingly.


What Sticker It said

"With a wealth of Magento experience, Ramesh was able to complete our projects quickly to the standard Sticker It required. He also offered valuable ideas to improve our user interface and conversion rates helping our business more than was asked for. "

"I found Ramesh really responsive and easy to work with throughout the whole process. I would definitely go back to Ramesh with any other Magento projects in the future."

James McCabe, CEO

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