About Acha

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, Acha is a premium body jewellery & piercing wholesaler that supplies its international customer base for over 20 years.

With an extensive catalogue of more than 10,000 products, Acha is one of the leading go-to suppliers in its market segment.

  • Improved product search
  • Complex logic for categories auto-assignment
  • Custom product import module
  • Custom reorder function
  • Basket page improvements
Choosing the Right Search Provider

After evaluating how search is being used, one of the major concerns was that there are a lot of terms being searched which had 0 products returned or far fewer than they should be.

We carried out an extensive analysis of two powerful search tools (Klevu and Algolia) to determine which would best suit the needs of Acha and its customers.

We searched a list of over 50 set terms (descriptive, plurals, synonyms, misspellings and phrases) on both Klevu and Algolia, scoring each search result against our criteria. This would then help us determine the best search provider for Acha.

Other factors we took into consideration were back-end management and support.

Reorder for B2B

B2B customers like to reorder previous orders they’ve placed as this saves a lot of time. However, a default behaviour of Magento is that orders cannot be reordered if at least one product in that order is out of stock.

Therefore, the customer would need to create that entire order again from scratch which can be frustrating.

We, therefore, customised the reorder module by ignoring out-of-stock products. This allows customers to reorder any order they want.

We also added a message on the basket page to clearly list any products that haven’t been added to the basket so customers are aware before proceeding with the order.

“Acha team received a recommendation from another partner about 2simplify being a reliable and experienced Magento agency.

After further discussions with 2simplify management team, it was clear that their expertise is required for further project improvements and new feature development.

2simplify provided straightforward solutions and important advice to Acha, which helped us to keep healthy and steady progress for website development.

Cooperation with 2simplify proved to be successful in several important areas, this all allowed Acha to maintain its growth and seek new necessary areas for future improvements. We truly value 2simplify expertise and would always rely on their suggestions and recommendations.”

Anton Zharkov, eCommerce Manager

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