Style It Up New Magento eCommerce Website Case Study | 2simplify, London

About Style It Up

Style It Up are an affordable fashion retailer based in Manchester, UK. They have collections for women, men, kids and home.

Project background

Style It Up wanted a new website, following their strong performance on eBay and Amazon. They wanted to start building a brand and a strong customer base, which they felt could only be done by having their own, fully-controllable site.

It was important for Style It Up to remain on eBay and Amazon. Linnworks integration therefore became crucial on the website, so they could easily manage all their listings from one portal.


Our approach

It was important to have a clean, clutter-free appearance. We wanted to create a modern, attractive design, whilst focusing on the product, and not distracting the user with unnecessary information.

This decision was based partly on our own extensive experience, and partly on our in-depth research. We found that having a quick user journey was extremely important to customers, and that they wanted clear pricing and descriptions.

We also designed custom wireframes, which captured all the data Style It Up needed, whilst fitting into the clean flow of the site.


Helping customers to make quick, informed decisions

Retaining a minimalist design was a high priority for us. This approach helps by not confusing the user and puts them in a better frame of mind to complete a purchase. To this end, we gave a lot of thought to the order in which an item’s name, price, size, colour and quantity would be displayed.

Most of all, we made the price stand out. Style It Up’s competitive prices are one of their biggest selling points, and we knew it was crucial to emphasise this.


Mobile-focused experience

We wanted to provide an optimal browsing experience for mobile users, while retaining the simplicity of the desktop website.

We didn’t want to take the easy way out and simply scale down from our desktop design. Instead, we took the time to adapt each element individually, so that they looked great on mobile screens of all sizes. We even removed certain elements which would be unsuitable on these screens, like the banner slider from the mobile version.

The result was a user-friendly and attractive mobile site.

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