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About Systech International

Established in our own hometown of London in 1991, Systech International is a worldwide construction consulting company. They operate from 27 offices around the globe, and have a team of 500 consultants.

Systech International has worked on prestigious projects such as the Burj Khalifa, London Olympic Stadium and Miami Airport.

Project background

Systech International required a new website which was far more engaging than their old one and enabled users to find what they were looking for as quickly and as easily as possible.

Systech had a series of specific requirements they wanted on their website, which were difficult to implement themselves. They needed an experienced, tech-savvy agency that would be able to handle these complex tasks. That’s where we came in.

They also wanted to move away from their basic proprietary system and embrace the world’s most popular, flexible and easy to use content management system – WordPress.


Our approach

The website had a lot of pages and elements, and it was crucial to get the site structure correct in order to avoid conflicts and improve efficiency. We comprehensively mapped out how the website should be structured, and which pages linked to one another.

When designing the website, we used Invision to receive feedback from multiple stakeholders within Systech. This both kept our clients constantly in the loop, and saved lengthy feedback emails being sent back and forth (thus also negating any confusion as to what was being referred to in each message).


Avoiding duplicate content for admin

Systech wanted the ability to control as much of the website’s content as possible – pages such as Careers, Projects, Office, Events, Blogs, News and Publications - which we comfortably catered for.

With there being so many pages and elements on the Systech website, content would often overlap. This would not only entail the need to update a single piece of content in numerous places, but also led to the risk of inconsistencies and errors.

We wanted to avoid this, so we connected interlinked pages together, allowing information needed from multiple pages to be pulled from a single source. Needless to say, this saved Systech a considerable amount of time.


Using content to produce useful project report

With so much information now being stored on WordPress, Systech wanted to extract specific project reports in Word and PDF formats. We developed custom features that allowed the user to search and select which information they would like on the report.

Again, this saved a considerable amount of time for Systech’s team, as the need to find, design and process reports manually was extremely time-consuming.


Dedicated country pages for global reach

Localisation, and the desire to improve material for specific markets, was one of Systech’s key focuses. In fact, this was a huge part of their strategy as they looked to move into emerging markets. They needed to clearly display that Systech operated in those regions, and provide relevant content that would help the user find the information they were looking for.

We therefore created custom country pages, and made it extremely simple for the user to control what content went on the front-end of these websites. Custom URLs were also a functional improvement that we made, which enabled Systech to market their dedicated country pages easily.

What Systech International said

“We met regularly at our London offices which were important as it allowed us to discuss our requirements and provide feedback more clearly and efficiently.”

“Ramesh lead a half-day training session which was great as it gave the entire team an opportunity to learn how to manage the website’s content and to ask any questions they may have.”

“We’ve continued to make improvements to the website since initial launch with 2simplify being a very reliable partner of ours.”

Geoff Ansell - Director of Corporate Marketing and Training

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