Re-platforming your Website & Magento 1 EOL FAQs - 2simplify

By filling in the short form, you will be able to download a PDF guide on ’10 considerations when re-platforming your Magento 1 website’. 

Along with this, there are also 15 FAQs all about Magento 1 including PCI compliance, how to keep your website secure after June 30th, what can you copy from your Magento 1 website, and more. 

In the interest of transparency, I want to let you know that I will call you if you fill in the form to access the content. 

When I do call, I won’t be one of those pushy salesmen – it’s not my style. The sole purpose of the call is to see if you need help, and if you do, we can discuss if I’ll be able to help you. 

Hope the content helps!

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