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Redesign your existing WordPress website

We’re highly experienced in redesigning existing websites.

We use data and extensive user research to understand what does and doesn’t work on your existing website, so we know what to keep and what needs improving on the new site. This is incredibly important, as we don’t want to upset users who particularly liked certain features of the old website.

Through our combination of technical and creative expertise, we’ll design and develop a new WordPress website that will yield results.

Improve efficiency and productivity

A WordPress website can be a vital part of any business.

It can serve as a fully-fledged corporate brochure, act as an event management and booking portal, handle job listings, and enable users to have a personalised member area.

With so much information stored on your WordPress website, it’s important that the data input is as efficient as possible. We can integrate third party systems to automate data input, or interlink pages to avoid duplicating content.

Mobile and desktop user experiences are different

How a user experiences your website on a desktop will be different to how they experience it on their mobile or tablet device. We put the effort in to creating a custom design for each screen resolution, so that your users have the best possible experience no matter what device they’re using.

After learning about your business, industry and objectives for the website during our planning phase, we will create a sitemap and website wireframes. We will then run these by you to ensure we’ve captured everything the website needs, and that it’s suited to your particular users.

Clean, secure and efficient code

How your website code is structured and written will play a vital role in its security, performance, reliability and browser compatibility.

We will create WordPress code that prevents website crashing or slowing down, and avoids security holes and memory leakages.

Poorly written code can also lead to display issues on multiple devices. We use a Sass-based approach, combined seamlessly with CSS3, which ensures this doesn’t happen. We also use a Git repository for all our projects, to manage our code and version controls.

Our Capabilities

  • Detailed planning and research, gathering requirements and stakeholder input

  • Design that considers the user on every step of their visit

  • Responsive WordPress design that offers a seamless user experience across all devices

  • WordPress integration with APIs, CRMs, payment gateways and other third party software

  • WordPress sites optimised for enhanced speed, security and SEO

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