Why we decided to specialise in Magento - 2simplify

In Summary

We wanted to do one thing and do it well. And that was Magento.

How it all started

When I started 2simplify back in 2015, we offered a wide array of services including Magento, WordPress, Mobile Apps, SEO, Custom PHP and Graphic Design.

Having worked on a variety of projects and being exposed to different types of clients from different industries and sizes, we felt we weren’t serving our clients as best we can.

Our clients rely on us for advice and at the time we weren’t able to do this due to us not knowing enough about each platform we were offering as a service.

I realised the only way we would be able to service our clients the best we can is to pick one platform and be the best at it we possibly can.

Magento the obvious choice

There were three questions we had to answer:

1. What are we good at?

2. What we enjoy the most?

3. What platform did our clients need the most help in?

The answer to all three was Magento!

With a team of Certified Magento developers, it was what we were good at and most interested in.

We enjoyed the variety and complexity of Magento projects as well as the incredible functionality and flexibility the platform brings to retailers and wholesalers.

With Magento being such a large eCommerce platform, we saw that clients weren’t able to get the best advice from their previous developers. It was often short-term quick development that had long-term implications. Freelance developers weren’t reliable enough. Larger agencies were just too expensive.

We saw a clear and obvious gap between low-cost sole developers, who usually can’t provide a high enough quality of service – and large agencies who are just too expensive for many small to mid-sized eCommerce merchants.


We continue to learn and grow

With Magento and eCommerce ever-growing, you can never stop learning. We continually stay up-to-date on the latest developments from Magento, attend industry events and work with our partners to be in a position to offer the best possible service to our clients.

This has resulted in:
1. Clients getting a long-term reliable partner

2. An agency that is active in the Magento eco-system

3. Competent Magento certified developers following best coding practices

4. Current clients recommending us to other clients

5. Expertise and experience in managing Magento projects


Do you need a reliable Magento agency to work with?

If you’re looking to build on your current Magento website or looking to migrate to Magento, please give me a call (020 8088 7108) or email (ramesh@2simplify.co.uk) me anytime – I’d be more than happy to chat through your options.

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