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Ramesh Bhudia


In a Nutsell

Let me take you back to the roots of 2simplify – it all began in 2015 with a smorgasbord of services: Magento, WordPress, Mobile Apps, SEO, Custom PHP, and Graphic Design. Quite the mixed bag, right?

As we delved into diverse projects and catered to clients of all shapes and sizes, a realization hit us square in the face. We weren’t doing justice to our clients because, truth be told, we weren’t experts in every service we offered. Clients sought our advice, and we struggled to deliver the A-game due to our lack of in-depth knowledge across the board.

So, we made a bold decision: let’s zero in on one platform and master it. And the chosen one? None other than the e-commerce powerhouse – Magento.

Magento the obvious choice

We had some soul-searching questions:

  1. What are we genuinely good at?
  2. What do we enjoy the most?
  3. Where do our clients need us the most?

Well, turns out, the answer to all three was a resounding “Magento!” With a stellar team of Magento developers, it was our forte and passion.

The variety and intricacy of Magento projects, coupled with the platform’s incredible functionality, resonated with us. We noticed a glaring gap in the market – clients weren’t getting top-notch advice from their previous developers. It was often a case of quick fixes with long-term consequences. Freelancers weren’t always reliable, and larger agencies came with a hefty price tag.

So, we decided to bridge the gap. We became the reliable, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced solution for small to mid-sized eCommerce merchants navigating the Magento universe.

Our Journey of Learning and Growing

In the ever-evolving world of Magento and eCommerce, stagnation is not an option. We’re on a perpetual quest for knowledge – staying updated on the latest from Magento, rubbing shoulders at industry events, and collaborating with partners to offer our clients nothing but the best.

Our commitment has paid off:

  1. Clients found a dependable, long-term partner.
  2. We became an active player in the Magento eco-system.
  3. Our Magento developers uphold the gold standard in coding practices.
  4. Current clients became our biggest advocates.
  5. Our treasure trove of expertise grew, making us adept at managing Magento projects with finesse.


Looking for a Trustworthy Magento Companion?

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